Does My Child Need Glasses?
By Linsey EyeCare
March 07, 2016
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Common signs your child might need eyeglasses

You do everything you can to take care of your child’s health, and that includes their visual health. Your optometrist at Linsey Eyecare in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania wants you to be able to recognize common signs your child might need eyeglasses.Glasses

To help you discover if your child might need eyeglasses, you should watch for:

  • Holding a book close up to read
  • Squinting or closing one eye
  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Tilting the head from side to side
  • Rubbing the eyes

Your child might also appear to be clumsy and may daydream frequently. Learning can become a problem, leading to a low performance in school. In fact, it is estimated that 70% of children with reading difficulties actually have vision problems.

Your optometrist at Linsey Eyecare wants you to know that a full range of services are available to diagnose and treat your child’s vision issues. Your child can definitely benefit from a vision screening performed at the office. Common pediatric vision problems corrected at Linsey Eyecare include:

Nearsightedness- your child can see close up easier than far away; young children can be nearsighted but more often nearsightedness shows up at ages 8 to 9 and can increase through the teen years.

Farsightedness- your child may see things far away easier than those up close, or images can be blurry at any distance. People experience farsightedness differently, and not all children who are farsighted need glasses. Children who need glasses are those whose eyes are crossed or children who have more farsightedness in one eye than the other.

Astigmatism occurs when there is a non-sphere curvature of the cornea to the point where images are not clear close-up or far away. Part of an image comes into focus at different places in the eye.

Your child deserves the best treatment available; don’t settle for less. Stop in and visit your optometrist at Linsey Eyecare in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. Don’t wait when it comes to your child’s vision. Find out if eyeglasses can help your child see better and learn better. Call today!


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