How To Choose the Right Eyeglasses for You
By Linsey EyeCare
December 11, 2020
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Once you have your prescription for eyeglasses, how do choose the ones right for you? Today's options are so numerous. At Linsey EyeCare in Reading, PA, our three optometrists, Dr. Greenwood, Dr. Simpson, and Dr. Hachem, perform comprehensive exams to evaluate your ocular health and write you the proper lens prescription. Our design team will help you choose the perfect frame. Here's more.

The right eyeglasses for vision, purpose, and appearance

You wear eyeglasses so you can see properly. Whether your vision needs correction for distance (hyperopia), close-up (myopia), reading (presbyopia), astigmatism (corneal distortions), or something else, the experts at Linsey Eyecare in Reading, PA, will help.

Our state of the art lab is on-site, and our technicians create most prescriptions, including bifocals and progressive lenses, in about an hour. Plus, our design consultants guide you through the amazing range of designer frames, helping you maximize your appearance and the functionality of your eyeglasses.

Factors to consider

Modern eyeglasses feature lenses custom-crafted from high-tech materials. Gone are the days when the average person wore heavy, glass lenses. Today's materials include:

  • Very lightweight plastic
  • Polycarbonate, also lightweight and impact-resistant, making it the material of choice for sports glasses and certain occupational applications, says the American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • Trivex, known for its clarity and durability
  • High index, appropriate for more extensive vision correction

Also, our lenses feature UV and scratch-resistance coatings, and for maximum sun protection, we offer sunglasses and photochromatic lenses which darken and lighten according to available light.

What about frames?

Our design experts understand which frames complement facial shape, eye color, and hair color. Whether you have blue eyes or brown, a heart-shaped or round face, or dark, medium to light skin tone, we can recommend a variety of frames you'll love and other people will really notice.

Let us help you

Your vision is important, and so are the right eyeglasses. In Reading, PA, why not stop by Linsey Eyecare for an eye exam with Drs. Greenwood, Simpson, or Hachem? You'll get an accurate prescription. Plus, you'll receive eyeglasses that optimize your eyesight and make you look--and feel--great. Make an appointment today by calling (610) 373-2300.


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