Importance of Annual Eye Exams
By Linsey EyeCare
June 23, 2020
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How yearly eye exams with your eye doctors in Wyomissing PA can help you see the world clearly

We know how important our vision is, yet a large number of adults don't schedule an annual eye exam to protect their vision. The truth is, many people take their vision for granted. Don’t be one of them!

The eye doctors at Linsey Eyecare in Wyomissing PA offer a wide range of eye care services, including annual eye exams, to make sure you are seeing the world.

Why You Need an Annual Wyomissing Eye Exam

So, what’s so important about your Wyomissing eye exam? They are an excellent way to prevent eye problems. Your eye doctors can diagnose problems early when they are easily treatable. This helps you protect your vision so you can enjoy your life.

These are just a few of the common eye conditions your eye doctor can diagnose and treat:

  • Pink eye
  • Cataracts
  • Eye allergies
  • Glaucoma
  • Lazy eye
  • Removal of a foreign body
  • Macular degeneration
  • Corneal ulcers

An annual eye exam screens and checks for a lot of different eye issues. At Linsey Eyecare, your eye doctors will screen and measure:

  • Peripheral vision
  • Depth perception
  • Eye muscle balance
  • Your ability to distinguish color
  • Your focus and tracking ability
  • Your eye pressure to diagnose glaucoma
  • Hypertension symptoms in your eyes
  • Biomicroscopic evaluation of the structures in your eyes

Once you have had your Wyomissing eye exam, your eye doctor will determine your prescription and recommend contact lenses, glasses, or other vision correction treatment.

You deserve to see the world clearly, and that may mean you need vision correction, but you will never know unless you schedule an eye exam every year.

If you take care of your eyes, your eyes will take care of you. To find out more about annual eye exams and other vision services, call the eye doctors of Linsey Eyecare in Wyomissing PA at (610) 373-2300. Call now!


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