Maintaining Your Eyeglasses
April 14, 2020
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Here are some helpful tips for how to handle and care for eyeglasses.

You just spent a pretty penny to get a beautiful new set of prescription eyeglasses, and our Reading, PA, optometrists know that you want to get the most wear out of them. The last thing you want to deal with is a broken frame or cracked lenses. Here are some easy, everyday habits and tips for how to protect, clean and preserve your cool, new specs.

Cleaning Them

Just as you shower daily and brush your teeth every day you should also clean your glasses every day. Keeping them clean can cut down on wear and tear as your glasses age. In order to clean your lenses here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Whenever you are cleaning or handling your glasses always make sure it is with clean hands. Wash your hands thoroughly before handling or cleaning your glasses.
  • Use lukewarm water to rinse off your glasses and remove any grim or debris.
  • Apply a very small drop of dishwashing liquid to your lenses and lather the lenses with the soap and warm water.
  • Dry each lens off with a soft, clean cloth (never use paper towels or your t-shirt).

You can also talk to our Reading, PA, optometrists to find out what special lens cleaners or microfiber cloths may work best for your eyeglasses. We are happy to offer recommendations and suggestions.

Handling Them

Yes, we work very hard to create glasses from long-lasting and resilient material, but that doesn’t mean that they are impervious to damage. Everything from lying your glasses down lens-first on a table to taking them off with one hand can misalign them or scratch the lenses. When you aren’t wearing your glasses, they don’t belong out and about (where they can easily get knocked off a countertop or table); they should be safely stored in their appropriate case.

Has your vision started to get a bit blurry? Is your prescription a year old (or more)? You should be visiting your Reading, PA, every year to make sure your eyeglasses prescription is up to date. Call Linsey EyeCare at (610) 373-2300 to schedule your next eye exam.


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