The Importance Of Eye Exams
By Linsey EyeCare
March 06, 2017
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Proper eye care is important to your health for more reasons than just being able to see things clearly. Correcting your vision helps eye examreduce the risk of vision-related symptoms like headaches and regular examinations with your optometrist help catch and treat conditions early. Learn more about the importance of eye examinations with Linsey Eye Care and Dental Health Services in Wyomissing, PA.

What can I expect during an eye examination? 
Your exam will begin with gathering your medical history and consulting with your doctor about any eye-related problems you may have. Your doctor will numb your eyes with special drops and test your eye pressure using a machine. Different lights and machines help your doctor see inside your eye to determine if it is healthy or not. Your doctor measures your eye movement and then begins the refraction assessment to determine the right prescription for you.

What makes regular eye examinations important? 
An eye examination involves more than just determining your glasses prescription. Your doctor will use a variety of tests to look for abnormalities in the eye, eye diseases, age-related conditions and other diseases before beginning to narrow down the best eyeglasses prescription for you. Eye doctors are often the first to find the symptoms of certain illnesses and diseases which could, if left untreated, lead to loss of vision or even blindness. This early detection allows your doctor to treat your condition well before this occurs. Additionally, vision can change quickly, making yearly examinations crucial to keeping up with your ideal eyeglasses or contact lens prescription.

Regular Eye Examinations in Wyomissing, PA 
You should see your optometrist at once every one to two years to ensure your eyes remain healthy. You may need to see your doctor more frequently if you are at-risk for certain conditions. Additionally, keeping your prescription up to date helps prevent eye strain-related conditions like headaches and migraines.

For more information on eye examinations, please contact your optometrist at Linsey Eye Care and Dental Health Services in Wyomissing, PA. Call (610) 373-2300 to schedule your appointment today!


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