What To Consider When Buying Eyeglasses
By Linsey Eyecare
December 24, 2015
Category: Optometry
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If you've ever spent a few hours choosing new eyeglasses frames, you're not alone. With so many choices available, selecting the perfect pair of glasses isn't always easy. Linsey EyeCare optometrists offer eye exams eyeglasses in Wyomissing, PA. They are here to share a few tips that will help you during the shopping process.

Choose frames that will work with your prescription

You can rule out some eyeglass frames if they won't work with your prescription. If you wear progressive lenses, you'll need a larger frame to fully accommodate every viewing zone. Rimless glasses are a good choice if you don't like the look of plastic or wire frames, glassesbut these frames might not be the best option if you have a particularly strong prescription. The heavier the lens, the more likely that rimless lenses will twist or break.

Make comfort a priority

It doesn't matter how stylish frames look on the rack. If your new glasses aren't comfortable, you won't want to wear them for very long. Glasses should fit comfortably on your nose without rubbing or pinching and shouldn't feel tight at your temples. Pay attention to the way that the temple tips at the ends of the frames fit over your ears. If the tips are tight or rub against your ears, the frames aren't a good choice.

Think twice before buying online or choosing drugstore glasses

The Internet makes it so easy to buy everything you need, from shoes to groceries to tires for your car. Internet shopping isn't always the best option for buying glasses, particularly when you have a complicated prescription. In fact, online eyeglass sites may not even be able to handle these prescriptions. If there's a problem with your new glasses, you'll have to ship them back to the website and wait days or weeks for a replacement - with no guarantee that the new pair will be any better.

Although drugstore reading glasses may seem like a good choice if you only have a mild vision problem, buying these glasses might not be a good decision. Although you may not realize it if you don't visit your optometrist in Wyomissing, your visual acuity can be slightly different in each eye. In this case, wearing drugstore readers that contain the same prescription in each eye can lead to headaches and eyestrain.

Does the world look blurry? Call your Wyomissing, PA, optometrist at Linsey EyeCare at (610) 373-2300 and make an appointment for an eye examination today. Enjoy clearer vision with a brand new pair of glasses!


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