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By Linsey EyeCare
November 19, 2021
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As we age, parts of our bodies become weaker than they once were. This includes your eyes and vision. After the age of 40, it’s common that you might notice you have an issue focusing clearly on certain objects. Presbyopia is the condition in which it becomes hard to clearly see things and you might first notice that things like fine print are hard to read. Dr. Rachel Simpson, Dr. Darryl Greenwood, and Dr. Mervet Hachem, your eye doctors at Linsey Eyecare in Wyomissing, PA, can help explain what presbyopia is and how bifocals can help this issue.

What is Presbyopia?

If you start noticing that your eyes get tired and strained after trying to read a computer screen or reading a book, it might be a sign that you’re dealing with presbyopia. Presbyopia is extremely common and it’s a normal process that almost everyone deals with at some point in their life. Your eye doctors in Wyomissing, PA, will be able to detect if presbyopia is affecting you with a simple eye test and refraction.

This issue can be combatted, and you can start learning how to deal with it and read fine print normally again. Depending on if you already have a prescription, your eye doctor will assess this and determine what form of treatment will work best for you. Your doctor may recommend reading glasses or bifocal glasses to help you reduce the struggle of having to switch out glasses to change your vision from near to far. Your doctor may also suggest refractive surgery to help adjust your eyes, one for distance and one for reading.

Contact Your Eye Doctor Today!

If you’ve noticed that reading has become harder and you may have to hold your book far away to be able to make out what the pages say, you may be dealing with presbyopia. Contact Dr. Rachel Simpson, Dr. Darryl Greenwood, and Dr. Mervet Hachem, your eye doctors at Linsey Eyecare in Wyomissing, PA, to learn more about presbyopia and if it may be affecting you. Call today at (610) 373-2300.

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