Eye Exams in Wyomissing From Linsey EyeCare

We all want to protect our eyesight, which is why it is important to have annual eye exams.  These exams allow our eye doctors to detect changes in the front of your eye so that alterations can be made to your eyeglass or contact lens prescription.  Through eye exams, we will also need to inspect the back of your eye, the retina, to check it if is healthy, damaged or showing signs of disease.  When detected in early stages, many diseases can be treated without any further loss of vision.  
Our eye doctors at Linsey EyeCare offer over 21 different tests to determine your eyes prescription, diseases and other purposes.  Some of the tests we offer with your eye exams include:
  • Case history – Lensometer
  • Color Vision Test – Ishihira Color Vision Test, Cover Paddle
  • Stereo Acuity Test – Titmus, Randot, Lang, Stereopsis Glasses
  • Visual Acuity Test – Cover Paddle, Snellen Chart, Near Point Card
  • Cover Test – Cover Paddle, Near Point Stick
  • Pupil Test – Retinoscope with Light
  • Refraction – Retinoscope, Phoropter, Near Point Card
  • Pressure Test – Noncontact Tonometer, Goldmann Tonometer
  • Health Evaluation – Slit Lamp, Ophthalmoscope, BIO, Ocular Standard 90D, Ocular Standard 20D
  • Contact Lens Evaluation – Keratometer, Slit Lamp
  • Contact Lenses – Base Curve, Power, Diameter, Color, Tint 
By scheduling your next eye exam with Linsey EyeCare, we can help you protect your sight and make sure that you are seeing your best. For more infomation on the eye exams we provide Wyomissing patients at Linsey EyeCare call our office at (610) 373-2300 today! 

Eye Exams